Relocation During Monsoon to Get It Right

Generally speaking, none of us will want to relocate on a rainy day due to many additional hassles, but sometimes due to emergency or other reasons we are bound to relocate during the rainy season.

Relocation During Monsoon to Get It Right

Advance planning:

Probably the most common advice that everyone keeps telling is strategic preparation if you inquire about relocation. Home relocation during the rainy season renders strategic planning ahead of time even more important. Planning the last minute is a big mistake. You’re going to forget or miss important stuff as in a panic.

Cover with waterproof packing material:

This is one important thing you should never forget during the rainy season when you relocate home. Clearly, in your new home, you won’t want to carry things dirty. Fasten in waterproof plastic all the goods. Make sure you’re choosing good quality packing material so it won’t tear in the middle. Especially for important goods, go for zipped plastic bags. A heavy downpour can destroy your possessions, so it is very important to cover your products with plastic. For additional protection, you can also use tapes on the boxes.

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Wash clothes beforehand:

The rainy season has a very damp, humid climate that causes your clothes to dry for longer. The other belongings will then be dampened. In addition, the weight of the wet clothes will make the packets unnecessarily heavy, adding to the inconvenience. And clean the things you plan to take in your new room and dry them before leaving.

Keep your umbrella/raincoat with you:

If not, often you end up storing those with the other possessions in such a manner that it becomes difficult to take them out during an emergency. In addition, it is very time-consuming to constantly take them in and out. Okay, if you’re following my suggestion, holding the umbrella and raincoat with you is easier.

Use skid-proof or monsoon footwear:

Well, if you’ve planned to relocate the monsoon, go for skid or monsoon footwear. In reality, have every member wear it, not just you. Monsoon brings a lot of mud and dirt, so your feet are protected by the covered shoes. Furthermore, when running here and there, you can fall and injure yourself badly, but if you wear monsoon boots, the risk will be minimized.

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Hire good packers and movers:

There are plenty of packers and movers, but the one you need to choose. Last-minute decisions could be a loss for you. So, take your time, go to different sites, compare the rates, then decide who to select. Confirm to them if they have all the necessary equipment to travel in the rainy season.

Keep track of the goods you are moving:

Most of them are liable for packers and movers. While being healthy and well-equipped, though, there may be discomfort at any moment. The condition of the roads becomes so bad, especially during the rainy season, that unexpected obstructions can occur. So, if you have a good track of every product you bring, it’s easy to deal with the situation and regain the loss.

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