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Relocato Removals the company of packers and movers makes easy packing, transportation, delivery or storage requirements. For many, the shifting process is tiring and tedious. This is because at different stages of moving you have to make a lot of arrangements and this is not at all a very easy job.

You are required to make concerted efforts to ensure a smooth and complete process of shifting. Planning is the first thing to come up with for trouble-free moving. We at Relocato Removals have a computerized system for tracking the movement of all packets, whether large or small, we provide fast and efficient services with shortest delivery time and proof of delivery as quickly as possible on your relocation place.

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All about Relocato Removals:

Relocato Removals is the best moving company of choice, providing you with a convenient one-stop full moving service together with your family and business. Relocato Removals are nearby, offering exceptional service to all your needs for relocation. There are highly trained professionals who can provide superior service for all your packaging, storage, distribution and processing requirements. Relocato Removals provides regional, long-distance and commercial transportation services.

But even then, when you speak to different relocation companies in India and give them the same requirements, the costs that they would propose will vary. Different moving companies use different kinds of packing materials and may have a different process of handling. So, the best way to find the costs of relocation service or storage service is to talk to a few of them and then take the average as a starting point.

Obviously, that’s not the way to get the most accurate estimates, but unfortunately, that’s how it is. You can only get an idea of a ballpark based on assumptions, never the exact costs. And the firms of movers and packers are still open to negotiation.

Affordable Packers and Movers

Costs of Relocato Removals for local and interstate shifting;

Here is a ballpark idea of rates and costs of various packers and movers agencies in India.

Assuming that you’re looking for movers and packers to move a 2 BHK house with items such as 2 cupboards, 2 beds, a fridge, a washing machine, all of the kitchen utensils, a coffee table, 5-seater sofa and other commonly used items such as utensils, water filter etc.

It may cost around Rs. 5500 to 8000 to do a local shifting within the city. For same volume of goods, it may cost around 10000 to 15000 Rs. for interstate shifting depending on the distance between both cities ranging from where you are going to move to which city you are moving to. Again, don’t take these figures as an accurate estimate because you know, actual costs at Relocato Removals may vary.

Similarly, if you want to move even a small car from city of Hyderabad to the city of Bangalore, it may cost you for anywhere ranging between Rs. 7000 to Rs. 95000.

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