How much does it cost to hire packers and movers?

What happens when you ask for a quotation?

The person on the call from the other side most often wants to find the rates and costs of hiring services for movers. But since packers and movers prices typically rely on different parameters such as length, the volume of products, mover credentials and also the user’s level of urgency, it’s hard to answer this question immediately. There is no specific rate ticket, so the packers and movers service at Relocato Removals rates can easily differ from case to case.

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It’s not possible to know about recruiting movers costs without even describing the products you want to pack and move from and from which city in India to which city. Therefore, in this post Relocato Removals want to give you a detailed overview of how much it costs to hire movers and packers in India for various types of services, including home transfers, vehicle transfers, household storage, and warehousing.

While it is difficult to obtain exact prices for moving or storage needs without researching and knowing a customer’s need, Relocato Removals will try to explain how movers prepare quotes for common services.

How much does it cost to hire packers and movers?

Different companies may have different taxing and other regulatory policies. Let’s understand the key cost heads provided by the Relocato Removals as cited below:

1. Cost of packing materials.

2. Packing Charges.

3. Handling charges.

4. Insurance charges.

5. Transportation charges.

6. Costs of value-added services.

7. Applicable taxes.

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More about how much does it cost to hire packers and movers?

Now if you look at it, almost all the cost heads provided by the Relocato Removals vary depending on how much you look at it:

The quantity of goods:

Packing materials, handling charge, insurance, transportation etc will vary depending on goods.


Distance matters when you are moving and it affects transportation service charges. It may apply for storage service as well because goods have to be transported from your house to the Relocato Removals warehouse for storage.

· Insurance:

Since speaking about all the parameters, we at Relocato Removals cannot ignore the costs of insuring your products during transport against any harm. Two forms of insurance are sold by movers and packers such as Relocato Removals and the prices are different. Insurance costs will depend on the commercial value of the goods and can be charged at an interest on a percentage basis for transit insurance and at some minimal percentage for full inclusive insurance.

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These are the key parameters other than certain miscellaneous costs such as handling and taxes that apply on every good while moving from one place to another. For processing or regional house moving facilities, such as grant or toll tax may not apply, but the same can apply in the case of interstate relocation. If you employ movers and storage packages provided by the Relocato Removals, the storage time and storage costs can differ accordingly depending on your location.

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